Semester review 20/21

Hello everyone!

We would like to give you a little overview over the last semester and hope all of you are doing well.

With the end of the winter semester, we had to say goodbye to Sophie, who worked with us and coordinated Netzwerk Welcome Weimar with passion. Now we welcome a new member to our team: Feydrea is going to be an active part in the buddy programme and public relations.

Things also changed at Wortschatz. After Fayez and Theda leaving us, Lester and Freya joined our team. Together we started the new semester in November, another online-semester. Nevertheless, many people showed interest in the classes and we can proudly say, that we were able to offer 12 different courses including the Lernwerkstatt! Thanks to some experience from the last summer semester and the commitment of the teachers, we were able to start the semester without problems. The feedback sessions with teachers and students made it possible for us to get a good overview of what was happening in the courses, even though we could not meet in person.

One highlight of the winter semester was our advent calendar, in which we posted a little surprise each day on our Instagram channel. Additionally, we hid a bag with presents in Weimar each Sunday in December. Although, we only had a small online meeting to hand out the certificates, the evening closed with a fantastic concert of the band MAN THE OICA in Gathertown.

Because of Covid-19, the Lernwerkstatt had to face new challenges as well, concerning the close-down of the schools and changing conditions. Therefore, we are very happy that three active university students were able to give lessons at two schools in Weimar. First in presence, later in digital formats. In the future, we want to continue the international exchange at schools and are looking forward to new collaborations.

We are still searching for alternatives to our Essen für Alle programme. In case there is a new way of cooking together and meeting each other, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Together with the programme “Dabei Sein!” of the AWO we produced the Subtext Audiowalk and in the coming semester we would like to continue our work.

As part of the newly founded “Netzwerk Antirassismus Weimar” we try to stand up against racism and discrimination together with other people and institutions in the city, by trying to establish an independent helpdesk for people affected by discrimination.

Furthermore, we were able to offer a workshop in collaboration with the EJBW about culture, communication, and discrimination. The trainers were great by offering exciting methods to work online.

We are looking forward to the next semester with all of you and will inform about upcoming events as soon as possible. Our consultation hour is open for everyone via telephone and online between 3pm and 5pm, even during the semester break.

We wish you all the best!

Your team of Netzwerk Welcome Weimar